International Inbound Children Program


ANTHONY JOSUE VELASQUEZ ROSALES came to Albuquerque with his mother Sulma Rosales for heart surgery at Presbyterian Hospital on November 2, 2015.   He was age 13 months at the time and is from a very small village near Santa Ana, El Salvador.   Dr. Carl Lagerstrom performed the surgery on November 2, 2015; his colleages from Pediatrix Cardiology Associates of New Mexico,  also made up the team.  Donating services were Anesthesia Associates of New Mexico, Tri Core Reference Labs, and Radiology Associates.  Louise Kahn, served as the host for the family;  Louise is also a nurse practitioner.   Anthony went home December 5 and is doing very well, gaining weight and catching up developmentally.

Airline tickets were donated from by Healing the Children SW.  The family had support from Regalo de Vida, a non-profit organization located in San Salvador.  

Many thanks go to Presbyterian and to the ancillary services who are making such a wonderful donation.  


The International Inbound Children's program brings children to Albuquerque to receive treatment that is unavailable in their home country. The children have been referred by HTC International Partners, as well as doctors, nurses, embassies, and other organizations in the child's home country.

At the core of the International Inbound program is the HOST FAMILY - families who have volunteered to care for the child (and often the child and a parent) during the time he or she is in New Mexico.  

Once the child has been identified and a request made for assistence, HTC contacts doctors, nurses, and hospitals to donate services.   We also assist with arranging transportation for the child, often using donated frequent flyer miles.