HTCSW NEWSLETTERS (2014 and earlier)

Prior to 2011, we published at least one newsletter per year that was mailed and as many on-line newsletters as possible, depending on availability of volunteers.       Although we will continue to produce one mailed newsletter in December because it is a major fund raising effort, we will only produce a NEWSLETTER ON-LINE when we have someone interested in putting one together (CARE TO VOLUNTEER?). Meanwhile, we will rely on the "Updates/Blog" section of our website to keep everyone informed in a more consistent manner, and we encourage you to keep up with us by checking the website.   Click here if you would like to be added to our mailing list.     We invite you to view past accomplishments of Healing the Children - SW Chapter (in PDF format):    

Published On Line:  

                    Fall 2010               Summer 2009

Mailed Newsletters (give time to load): 

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