We Will Miss Walter and Donna Brown!

Walt and his wife Donna moved to Michigan in December 2014 to be closer to their grandchildren.   Walter served on the Board of Directors of HTCSW for several years before taking over as President in 2009.   He was invaluable as a director and was always a very willing and enthusiastic supporter. Donna is a Registered Nurse who traveled to Guatemala in the 1990's as a surgical mission volunteer.   Our thanks to both of you for your years of service and monetary contributions to HTCSW.   (Sadly we neglected to get a photo of both of them together before they left.  Maybe they will send a selfie?)  



We wish to thank the members of the plastic surgery team that traveled to Hospital Nino Jesus in Guatemala City for surgery at no cost to the families: Dr. Albert Andres, Dr. Robert Bajnrauh, Dr. David Kim, Dr. Ricardo Ortega, Linda Harper, RN, Kay Boneburg, RN, Denise Sullivan, RN, Jenny Wilmont, RN.  Surgical techs: Heather Simoni, Rachael Hernandez HTCSW trip administrator:  Caroline Smatana Translator:  Raquel Vega- Escalante   

    We thank Dr. Bradley Raisher who provided free echocardiogram evaluations for children at the Assade Clinic, San Luis Iztapa, guatemala.  And  Thank you  to Rita Lavin (HTCSW) who supported both Dr. Raisher and the surgical team

More information available on the Photo Galleries page and on the volunteer medical team page.


Combined Federal Campaign & United Way 2014

We are entering another season of fundraising for those who work in any federal government capacity or who support charities through United Way.   We appreciate your donations through either campaign. 

       Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 83775

       For United Way, you need to DESIGNATE Healing the Children - Southwest specifically.  This is because 2/3 of our work concerns children outside the United States.   (The Hardship Relief Project is our local New Mexico Program).

                                   MANY THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT

Left:  Walter Brown (HTCSW) and 

visitor at CFC campaign kick-off (not shown Kay Bratton)


Right: Wu-Ching Cheng, Dr. Laura Stern,Lisa Garcia, and Carol Eiffert  at Sandia Labs  ECP Agency Fair (United Way)                 


HTC Patient from the past

Karla Muss was 9 years old when she was struck in her bed by shrapnel from a grenade during one of the conflicts between army and guerillas during Guatemala's Civil War in the 1980s.   Her feet were struck and badly damaged.  The local doctors did the best they could with grafting them, but she could barely walk and was always in pain and often bled.  Her family took her to a Healing the Children team from Michigan/Ohio visiting in San Cristobal Verapaz (this was before Hospital Nino Jesus was completed in 2007).  They could not help her there, but Karla was eventually accepted for surgery  in Grand Rapids, MI, stayed with a family, had many surgeries and was loved and well taken care of by this family.  She lives in Grand Rapids now, is married and has a 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son and is very happy.  She was in Guatemala City visiting family this week when she heard Healing the Children Southwest was visiting, and came immediately to the clinic to see if she could help with translation.  Karla's desire was to pay back, which she did, putting mothers at ease for two days during the surgical mission.   Many thanks to Karla for her help with the surgical mission.


A New Community Partner

Not exactly new, as we understand Dr. Cuadros and the "New Mexico Cleft Palate Center" was on board with Healing the Children Southwest when it was first established in 1989.   We are please to reconnect and will be providing some support through the Hardship Relief Project.   Please visit their website at: