Surgery Team prepares for Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador

Albuquerque Drs Ron Escudero and Bill Loutfy (Ron for the 5th time and Bill for his third) are returning to Hospital La Divina Providencia in Santiago Texacuangos to provide free ENT and plastic surgery for children 18 years and younger.   They leave February 27 and return March 5 and are accompanied by Jennifer Hall, CRNA (Virginia) who will provide anesthesiology services along with Dr. Portillo (a local Salvadoran anesthesiologist), Dr. Nick Kundra (currently from Illinois), Jeremy Gutierrez, surical tech (Albuquerque) making his second trip with this team, and nurses Bojan Kuure (Washington), Kim Brown (Albuquerque), and Susan Davisson (Iowa).   Helping the team will be Jill Crotts (Iowa) and Raegan Schuhmacher.    All expenses are paid by the volunteers.       The children in El Salvador are very fortunate to have this fine team of professionals and we wish them all the best of luck. 


Surgery Team returns from Yantalo, Peru  

The plastic surgery team left for Peru on September 25, 2015 from many points of origin in the US and converged in Lima where they overnighted and the next day continued on to Tarapoto, then Moyobamba, and finally the small village of Yantalo in north central Peru.  Team medical director and surgeon, Dr. George Hoerr from Norfolk, Virgina headed up the team.  Dr. Rafael Olivares, pediatrician from Denver, Colorado scrubbed in; Dr. Kent Johnson, the anesthesiologist, hailed from Utah;  Dr. Ricardo Ortega (New Mexico) served as the team's family practice doc; Linda Harper, RN from New Jersey, and Janice Johnson, RN also from Utah handled recovery.   Amy Downs from Denver was the team coordinator and Raquel Vega-Escalante (New Mexico) provided family support and translation.     Below is a photo of Dr. Hoerr with one of his patients to the right.   Please see photo-gallaries for more pictures of the team and Yantalo Clinic.   As with all teams, volunteers paid their own expenses in order to help 21 patients in this very remote area.  HTCSW is indebted to this group of volunteers who came together as a team, and never having worked together before, gave free medical services to some well-deserving kids.  They were assisted in the OR by local surgical tech Nino Ocampo.  Administrative support came from Mery Padilla.   

Readers are encouraged to have a look at the website for this remarkable clinic founded by Dr. Luis Vargas who was born in Yantalo.   



Fifteen doctors who support Healing the Children Southwest were voted TOP DOCS OF ALBUQUERQUE 2015 (as determined by their colleagues and peers).   These doctors have helped HTCSW with our local program “Hardship Relief Project”, International Inbound Children, or on Surgical Trips to Latin America. Their support has been irreplaceable.  The help they have given children is beyond measure.  Our deepest thanks. In order as they appeared in “Albuquerque the Magazine” March 2015

          Dr. Penny Lindgen (Anesthesiology)

            Dr. Carl Lagerstrom (Cardiothoracic Surgery)

            Dr. Luis Cuadros (Plastic Surgery)

            Dr. Diego Gonzalez (Anesthesiology)

            Dr. Polly Primm (Anesthesiology)

            Dr. Joseph Rossi (Anesthesiology)

            Dr. Laura Rifka Stern (Family Practice)

            Dr. Mark Erasmus (Neurosurgery)

            Dr. Ronald Escudero ( Otolaryngology)

            Dr. Javier Aceves (Pediatrics)

            Dr. Bebe Han (Pediatrics)

            Dr. Thomas Rothfeld (Pediatrics)

            Dr. Linda Nicolette (Pediatric Surgery)

            Dr. William Loutfy (Plastic Surgery)

            Dr. Jason Wilson (Urology)

(Doctors who voted were required to input their current, state-issued medical license numbers.




Bill Ninopoulos has a new position at Merrill Lynch that requires he step down as treasurer.   He as seved for three years and will remain as a board director.    Thank you for your time Billy!    Healing the Children, SW is therefore looking for a new treasurer.  

Please help us spread the word.  We would like at least a 3 year committment.   The treasurer oversees the work of the bookkeeper, helps plan the yearly budget, is a member of the board that meets 4 times per year, and signs any financially relevant paperwork as our representive.   Anyone interested should send an email ( or call Melissa at 505  620-9189.  



HTCSW is pleased to announce that Melissa Freeman has agreed to give her time on a volunteer basis as our new Executive Director beginning January 2015.   Melissa plays the french horn and is active, also as a volunteer,  with Chamber CHOPS (an Albuquerque chamber music cooperative) and Concordia Santa Fe Wind Ensemble.  She will replace Bobbye Krehbiel who will remain as a member of the board.     Below is a photo of Melissa on the left, husband Brad Raisher and daughter Robbye Raisher that appeared in the  HTCSW 2014 newsletter.   Thank you for joining us Melissa!