International Inbound Children

 Please click here for information about this program and our current need for hospitals to donate services for children outside the United States.

Volunteer Host Families, Physicians and Hospitals in New Mexico

(Please get in touch with HTCSW if you have information on these children or other host families so that we can fill in the blanks.   We need information on host families for Domingo, Katia, Quam, Cati, Maria, Vernon, Hee Soo, Ariana, Juan, Petyr, Terrace, Michael, Yenny, Jose Daniel,  Rhma  Thank you)

  • Duane and Judy Rigdon (1989  Patricia)
  • Cindy Anderson (1989)
  • Debbie Killian (1989 - Johanna)
  • Mark and Charlotte Blandford
  • Geri and Henry Garza (Isuara and Armando)
  • Mariana Scoggins (1990  Fidel)
  • Ken and Jocelyn Wilson (1992 Carlos)
  • Kurchack Family (Ofelia)
  • Joanna and Bob Ricketts  (moved to Phoenix and started the Arizona Chapter of Healing the Children)
  • Lorenza and Felix Garcia and family (Selvin, 2008 and earlier)  Dr. Roy McDonald - eye surgery.
  • Paul and Aura Dolph  (Diego)
  • Debby Garrison  (Devrone)
  • Ashleigh Hile and her parents  (Griselda)
  • Cathy Cox (1995  Rezarta)
  • Nellie Veenstra (1995  Randah Trail)
  • Carol and Dana Eiffert (Ada Rameriz, 1993 and repeated visits click Ada's name for the ABQ Journal front page article October 16, 2011 and for Sandia Labs article;  Marling Obando,  1994- Heidy Patzan; Marvyn, 1995  Melissa Bacasecua 1997)
  • Rick and Cindy Anderson (Santos)
  • Candace and Grant Heffelfinger (Gaby Carcamo, 2006)
  • Christie Humphry and family  (Rueben, 2007)
  • Lenny and Kindy Martinez (Nelson) 
  • Libby and Charles Bombach (Marta, 2007) , Susan Tingey (Edith, 2007), Gloria Williams  (Rony, 2007
  • HTC Coordinator:  Rita Lavin (2006-2010)
  • Pamela and James Zanios (Flavio) 2013
  • Louise Kahn, RN (Anthony) 2015
  • HTC Coordinators for Inbound Children:  Dr. Rifka Stern,  Carol Eiffert (2013)

Presbyterian Hospital (Albuquerque) 1990 - 2007; 2013; 2015

  • Dr. Carl Lagerstrom (surgeon); Drs. Bill Berman, Steve Yabek, Bradley Raisher  (Pediatrix Cardiology of New Mexico);  Drs. Bebe Han; Dr. Vetch;  Jeffrey Dornbusch;

St. Joseph's Healthcare System (Albuquerque;  1990 - 2000)

  • Dr. Stephen Babel;  Dr. Keith Winterkern; Dr. Karen Cartwright; Dr. Mark Erasmus; Dr. Paul LeGant, Dr. Steve Cito,  Dr. Luis Cuadros, Dr. Roholt, Dr. Taylor Floyd, Dr. Wagner, Dr. Fiber, Dr. Gooding

Albuquerque Surgery Center (Albuquerque) 2011

Dr. William Loutfy and Dr. Tes Balcomb  (Albuquerque)

Dr. Richard Geer (Aztec, NM)

Anesthesia Associates of News Mexico;  Radiology Associates of New Mexico;  Tricore Laboratories

Volunteer Host Families in California and Texas


Texas:   Melanie and Tom Lux  (Jesus Teran, 2007)