Hardship Relief Project

 (For Local New Mexico Children)


Healing the Children Southwest (Located in Albuquerque)  uses the name HARDSHIP RELIEF PROJECT for our local children’s program.    For 25 years we have provided a small safety net for families of children who find themselves in compromised financial situations and unable to meet medically related needs.   Often parents postpone a trip to the doctor, the purchase of medicine, or the purchase of much needed equipment because buying groceries and paying utility bills must come first.     Dentists see children suffering with painful dental problems,  teachers see others who cannot read because they need glasses, and social workers see a mother near the breaking point because she cannot afford a special bath chair for her child with disabilities who has grown too large to hold up.  We all know that children cannot learn or enjoy life when their health and well being is poor.

                Generally HTCSW does not work directly with families,  but relies on those who are aware of family financial situations such as health and dental care providers.  Healing the Children Southwest collaborating partners consider the Hardship Relief Project seamless and easy to work with because there is an immediate response when families need help.  We raise money locally and through grants to support this project.  Depending on the requests, HTC can help as many as 45- 60 children in a 12 month period.   For more information on the project, or to donate,  please contact us at htc_sw@hotmail.com 


Volunteer Coordinators

  • Carol Eiffert (2011)
  • Rita Lavin (2006 - 2010)  
  • Amelia Werner (2010 - 2011)
  • We need a volunteer coordinator for 2016   (Contact:  healingthechildren@comcast.net)

Cooperating Partners in Albuquerque, NM 2015

Young Children's Health Clinic, First Choice Community Dental Clinics, Albuquerque Public Schools Title I Homeless Project; Albuquerque Public School Nursing;  New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Developmental Care Program (UNMH Dept Pediatrics/Neonatology); Abrazos Family Support Services; NM Cleft Palate Center; Nuse Family Partnership