Board of Directors 2015

The Board of Directors meets quarterly and all meetings are open to interested supporters.  Notification is posted on the Updates/Blog section of the website.  

  • Dr.  Rifka Stern,  President
  • Carol Eiffert, Vice President
  • Judi Walker, treasurer
  • Mary Jarrett, Secretary
  • Dr. Ricardo Ortega, Medical Director
  • Sevie Taylor, Director
  • Kay Bratton, Director
  • Melissa Freeman, Executive Director
  • Roberta Krehbiel, Director (also served on National HTC Board of Directors 2011-2016)
  • Mark Turnbull - Bookkeeper: (2008 - present)

Advisory Board Members 2015

  • Polly Primm, MD, Diego Gonzalez, MD, Phil Krehbiel, attorney,  Jeanne Griste, RN, Sara Bonnell, attorney, Donna Brown, RN,  Kit Elliott, RN,  Barbara Menendez, RN, Lucretia Garcia-Salas 

Past Board Members 

  • Walter Brown (2009 - 2014 President)
  • Billy Ninopoulus (2013 - 2014)
  • Deborah O’Rourke (1989 - 2003) Founder of HTCSW
  • Rita Lavin (2006 - 2010)  Rita also served as the volunteer executive director 2007 - 2010
  • Charlotte Blandford, Mark Blandford (Mark was also president of National Healing the Children in 1996)
  • Marcena Wells (1999 - 2008)
  • Frank Ortiz, CPA (1994 - 2011; Board Treasurer)
  • Jeanne Griste (1989 - 2009)  (Jeanne also volunteered on many surgical missions)
  • Lucrecia Garcia-Salas
  • Camile Dozier (2004 - 2006)

General Help and Assistance volunteers past and present

  • Website Design: Mark Belville (2004 also webmaster) David Eiffert (2011-present)
  • Photo redesign: Sharyn Davidson  (2008 - present)
  • Combined Federal Campaign kick-off and speaking: Donna Brown; Walt Brown; Bobbye Krehbiel; Amelia Werner; Sevie Taylor; Kay Bratton; 
  • United Way (Sandia Labs):  Carol Eiffert, Wu-Ching Cheng, Lisa Garcia, Dr. Rifka Stern; Melissa Freeman, Bobbye Krehbiel
  • Newsletter Design, Editing and/or Assembly: Gail Haft, Susan, Rita Lavin, Sharyn Davidson, Makki Bigman, Amelia Werner, Vicky Gonzales, Carol Eiffert, Bobbye Krehbiel, Babs Garrison (Editor 2013, 2014); Phil Krehbiel (2015)
  • Fundraising: Kay Bratton, Hallie Bratton, Elena Tapia, Raechel Atkinson, Judy Loufty
  • United Way (speakers):  Carol Eiffert
  • Administrative help:   Joanna Garcia; Lisa Garcia; Rebecca Burt
  • Medical trip preparation:   Kit Elliott, Walt Brown, Sevie Taylor, Polly Primm, James Jung, Amelia Werner, Caroline Smatana; Louise and Ray Sanchez